Can SonoChiro® be used on a PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone ?

SonoChiro® is compatible only on Windows, tested and proven on Windows 7 and 10 and is not compatible on Mac, tablet and smartphone.

What are the prerequisites before purchasing and installing SonoChiro® ?

It is recommended to be equipped with a Windows PC, Intel core i3 and 4GB RAM minimum.

Can SonoChiro® be installed on several workstations under one license?

No, because the licenses are single-user.

Can SonoChiro® be reinstalled on a new computer?

Yes, at the rate of one installation per month. The license remains single-user, in case of use on several workstations simultaneously the license will be blocked.

What will I receive with the purchase of SonoChiro® ?

An email will be sent containing installation details, license key and a link to download SonoChiro®.

How do I check for software update ?

SonoChiro® is equipped with an automatic update system. A simple internet connection is needed to detect available updates.

Do I need an internet connection ?

Internet connection is required for installation and at least once a month to validate the license. Beyond one month without internet access, the license will be blocked.

What is SonoChiro® used for?

SonoChiro® is a software for automatic recognition of bat sound signals. It can analyze large volume of data in one go with very good results. It is a indispensable tool for bad enthusiasts and experts.

Do you have to be a bat expert to use SonoChiro® ?

You do not need to be a bat expert to use SonoChiro®. The software sometimes requires manual input and validation, which requires bat knowledge, especially in certain geographical regions where bat sounds are not well known or of poor quality.

How does SonoChiro® display results?

The SonoChiro® interface gathers many data validation tools: sonograms (in version 4), statistics, mass validation spreadsheets, links to external software. These tools speed up data access and validation work and increase the quality of analysis.

Can the results be exported and in what formats ?

The data is stored as SQLite databases readable files in SonoView and can also be exported as a .csv file in version 4 of SonoChiro®.

How reliable are SonoChiro® results ?

Sonochiro® has several levels of identification: "Chiro sp./Parasite", "Acoustic Group", "Species", etc. The reliability of the results varies according to these levels of identification and the number of species potentially present (i.e. the territory where you practice). Automatic identification is more effective in northern Europe for example (11 potential species) than in the Mediterranean zone (30 species). The software is cautious in its diagnostics and will stop its identification at the group level if it hesitates between 2 very close species for example. Reliability is close to 100% to distinguish bats from "parasites". It is higher than 90% in most other cases. A set of confidence indexes also allows to efficiently direct the research towards a specific identification.

Can SonoChiro® analyze records from all kinds of detectors on the market ?

Yes, it is compatible with all records of all known detectors: SMxBAT, D500X, D240X, Batlogger...

What sound format does SonoChiro® take into account (.wav, .mp3, stéréo…) ?

SonoChiro® runs on WAVE recording files (.wav extension). It can process stereo files several minutes long. It processes sounds from direct recordings (x1) as well as in time expansion (x10).

How much data can be processed with SonoChiro® ?

Several tens of Gigs of data can be processed at a time. Beyond 20 GB, it is preferable to divide the data into batches.